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Greetings! I am Christophe Grandsire, and you are at my web-page

 In the first place, I am sorry if you haven't been able to point your browser to the pages you want. This site is still under construction but I hope to complete a greater part very soon.

 Maybe you want to know something about me (with a recent photo of me!)? I have also put up a page on my hobbies. Finally, you might want to look at my humorous notes.

 For those who believe that Japanese animated artwork is just about stupefying inanity and mindless violence, an invitation to change your opinion is available at my page on mangas.

 At the top the Table of contents you must have noticed the following sentence:

If you don't understand it, or if you have heard of the international language and want to know more about it, or are simply curious, check out my page on Esperanto.

 Perhaps one day you entertained the crazy idea of creating you own language. Or, then again, maybe you know people who indulge in this bizarre exercise. Or perhaps you ended up here by chance: you followed a track of light, you entered, and were surprized to find a discussion on inventing language. Don't be at pains to search farther, whatever your motivation- a page on conlangs awaits you.

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 Oh yes! I almost forgot. Since it turned out that my friend Tsela Jemufan Atlinan C. G. wasn't in a position to create his own homepage, I offered him some space on mine so that he might express the interesting things he has to say.

 All your suggestions and criticisms are welcome. Help me to improve my homepage with your suggestions. Thanks!
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