What is a conlang?

 It is short for "Constructed Language" (Esperantists speak of a `planlingvo', i.e, a planned language). As against natural languages (or "natlangs", for short) like French and English, a conlang is artificially constructed.

 Why create a language in the first place? Well, there are various reasons, and as many terms to designate the type of conlang:

 Let's consider the last case, justifiably so. You might well think: "what end does creating a language serve than as a means for international communication?" (it is likely that you doubt even this is a useful aim). What about personal satisfaction, then? If you are still not convinced, then consider these famous instances:

 There are quite a few conlangers (you guessed it, it is the term used to designate those who create languages) to be found, and they are well represented on the Web. Here are a few links to other sites dedicated to conlangs. I'm now also part of the Scattered Tongues webring, which links other sites dedicated to conlangs. Just use the links at the end of this page to surf into this "ring"!

 I myself am the author of six conlangs created solely with an artistic motive.

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